Why Workplaces Should Offer Telehealth Programs To Their Employees

Telehealth's popularity exploded during the pandemic as a way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and obey capacity and social restrictions. Since then, however, the healthcare landscape has witnessed a significant shift toward digital healthcare due to its convenience, potential to lower healthcare costs, and accessibility.   

While many schools have begun embracing telehealth as a viable way to enhance student wellbeing and school-based healthcare, telehealth benefits aren’t as widely adopted in the workplace. From increased employee health to saving money on healthcare costs, businesses and employers have the potential for substantial benefits by adopting telemedicine.  


Cost Savings

Telehealth saves money for employers and patients by reducing the need for in-person doctor visits, which can be costly in terms of time and travel expenses. It also lowers healthcare spending by facilitating early treatment and preventive care, preventing more expensive treatments later.   

Telehealth reduces absenteeism and boosts productivity for employees, while patients benefit from reduced out-of-pocket costs, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. 


Equal Access 

Employers can help provide equal access to their employees, as there are many health barriers that prevent people from getting care. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, almost one-third of Americans didn’t seek necessary medical help due to poor access or expensive costs. For some, access to a medical clinic is either prohibitively expensive or not in their area.  

Some people have to travel significant distances to receive care, something that telehealth helps mitigate. Patients who are unable to make it to a medical facility or lack one in their area are able to reach a doctor via video chat, eliminating the barrier between underserved communities and quality care. 


Protect Your Workforce  

If you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is spread your illness to others. One of the biggest advantages of telehealth, and the reason it really exploded in popularity during the pandemic, is because of telemedicine’s ability to protect other people. Patients with COVID-19, for example, could easily infect other patients while they wait in a physical waiting room at a doctor’s office. With telehealth, sick and contagious employees never have to leave their quarantine or risk getting the rest of your workforce sick.   


Employee Satisfaction 

Offering telehealth as a benefit to your employees shows them that you care- and employees respond well. 94% of employees who use telehealth said they will again and are more satisfied with their employer.  

Employees who use telehealth don’t have to drive, walk, or travel to the doctor’s office. They don’t have to sit in the waiting room or wait in check-in and check-out lines. Receiving healthcare is just easier.  


What Can Kokmo24/7® Telehealth Do?   

Coupling with any provider, Kokomo24/7®’s telehealth offering provides a variety of different tools with the aim of improving learning environments in schools and organizations by providing convenient and accessible healthcare for entire student bodies or workforces. Our telehealth tool can provide:  

  • Convenient access to medical professionals specializing in general medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, and more   
  • Convenient access to mental health medical professionals   
  • Ability to schedule appointments on the go, in school, from work, and from home   
  • Ability to conduct appointments from anywhere   
  • Improved and immediate access to resources unavailable in person   
  • Advancement of medical health equity to underserved populations

Why Kokomo? 

Kokomo24/7®’s holistic health and safety software solutions such as Telehealth simplify and centralize the health and safety of your entire work or school community by providing tech tools that keep your students and workforce at their best.   

Ever since Kokomo24/7® was founded in 2018, we have been a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo24/7® proudly serves schools, communities, and workplaces by helping implement their health, safety, and wellness initiatives. Our mission is to deliver highly effective, easy-to-use, and trusted compliance and risk management solutions that bridge the gap between public safety and technology.    

Whether you work for a small business, large corporation, or school, we want to hear from you. To learn more about Kokomo24/7® or to get a free 15-minute demo click the button below.  


Kokomo24/7® is a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for health and safety. Established in 2018, Kokomo24/7® has a proven track record across Fortune 1000 organizations as well as renowned public-sector clients like the Los Angeles Unified School District and Chicago Public Schools. Ask us about the time we helped host the Oscars!


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