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This Pandemic has hit America and American businesses hard by creating what could be the worst economy since the great depression. Nevertheless, American businesses strive to keep going and as unemployment reaches an all time high I have to wonder… which state is doing the best? 

After gathering data from the U.S. Census Bureau and 24/7 Wall Street, I found my answer. Utah is the state with the most economic growth during the pandemic. Utah had the lowest number of unemployment in the country in the month of July and the lowest reported poverty rate. This isn’t to say you should pack your bag and head to Utah, but let's take a strong look at what we can learn from this information. 


What is Utah doing that businesses can do too? Utah has reached a point where they are entering a re-open phase and businesses are heading back to the office. A dream to most of us, I know! They have set up guidelines for business including, physical distance, mask requirements, and making sure employees stay home when sick. There are a number of factors that play into Utah’s success, but the one that stuck out the most is their testing of mild corona cases. That’s something businesses can learn from this and can use to get back into the office. If an employee has even one symptom of Covid-19, they should be at home. Now the question is how do managers handle all of their employees, making sure not a single one of them has symptoms? That's where Kokomo can help! With contact tracing and employee screening using the Covid19tracker app, we can get you back in business.


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