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Kokomo 24/7 blog discusses school and workplace safety, including COVID tracing and incident management.

I am often asked, “What's the difference between Kokomo and "free" anonymous reporting services like WeTip, Safe2Tell, and SaySomething?” The first thing I always point out is that with a free service model like those, often times they are merely a relay service to organizations. Operating cost are covered by a foundation or non-for-profit gift like Sandy Hook Fund, Parkland Fund, etc. A noble and laudable initiative, yet arguably marginally effective.

From my perspective, it is flawed and often ineffective in real-world scenarios. What we have seen and heard is what matters is “who” owns and sanctions such initiatives. In other words, all the ROI ends up being a delegated service to collect reports that disseminate an opt-in organization like schools and PDs. However, unless those e.g. schools/PDs have sanctioned resources committed to taking action and are ready to be held accountable, it usually ends up as an auxiliary and sporadic relaying service, resulting in a model that may still provide value for some cases but most likely becomes an operation model of "wait-and-see" or "hope-for-the-best."

As you can imagine, a school district with few schools may settle, and are content with this level of service. For the school districts with the most need, such as urban or larger size districts that require serious intervention with commitment and accountability, such a model falls short of bringing any impactful or meaningful outcome.

Kokomo24/7 insists on the “top-down” buy-in approach by working with stakeholders of an organizations. We aim to garner their blessing with commitment (and funding) for long-term sustainability. It's not the lack of technology as to why an organization is cautious of rolling out an anonymous reporting application (ARS) solution, but the complex process and overhead that requires a concerted effort from top down.

Kokomo24/7 understands this challenge, as we have successfully implemented multiple safety software solutions for a student body exceeding 700,000 students and several million communities wide. We will walk you through the whole process. That's the difference that may save people's lives.

- Daniel Lee, CEO Kokomo Solutions, Inc.