Telehealth Unveiled Part 1: The Who and The Why?

Since the pandemic, you’ve probably heard of, or maybe even used telehealth. Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is the practice of delivering remote healthcare services using technology like mobile devices, computers, and video chats. Telemedicine's popularity really exploded during the pandemic as a way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and obey capacity and social restrictions. Since then, the healthcare landscape has witnessed a significant shift toward digital healthcare due to its convenience, potential to lower healthcare costs, and because it’s more accessible.  

Who Uses Telehealth and Why?  

According to a study conducted by the nonprofit research organization, RAND Corp., 12% of people reported using telehealth in May of 2019. That number increased to 20% by August of 2020, and then to 45% by March of 2021. In addition, more than 75% of hospitals and clinics offer some form of telemedicine.  

Besides slowing the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses, telehealth is also often preferred due to its convenience. Patients who use telehealth don’t have to get to a doctor’s office and can be evaluated from the comfort of their own homes. Of course, some things are better to have looked at in person, but advances in telemedicine are making it possible to at least receive medical advice on almost anything virtually.  

Sometimes health concerns need immediate attention and telehealth can be the fastest access to a doctor. Other times, telehealth access is a more convenient option. No matter the need, telehealth services help provide users with the quick and easy medical and non-medical attention they need. 


What Can Kokmo24/7® Telehealth Do?  

Telehealth services range from mental health appointments to general medicine, but besides its capabilities, telemedicine works to mitigate the inequalities experienced by underserved communities in accessing traditional healthcare. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, almost one-third of Americans didn’t seek necessary medical help due to poor access or expensive costs. Telemedicine allows for healthcare to be received from anywhere, eliminating the barriers to access which include both distance and cost.  

Coupling with any provider, Kokomo24/7®’s telehealth offering provides a variety of different tools with the aim of improving learning environments in schools and organizations by providing convenient and accessible healthcare for entire student bodies or workforces. Our telehealth tool can provide: 

  • Convenient access to medical professionals specializing in general medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, and more  
  • Convenient access to mental health medical professionals  
  • Ability to schedule appointments on the go, in school, from work, and from home  
  • Ability to conduct appointments from anywhere  
  • Improved and immediate access to resources unavailable in person  
  • Advancement of medical health equity to underserved populations 


Why Kokomo24/7®? 

Kokomo24/7®’s holistic health and safety software solutions such as Telehealth simplify and centralize the health and safety of your entire work or school community by providing tech tools that keep your students and workforce at their best.  

Ever since Kokomo24/7® was founded in 2018, we have been a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo24/7® proudly serves schools, communities, and workplaces by helping implement their health, safety, and wellness initiatives. Our mission is to deliver highly effective, easy-to-use, and trusted compliance and risk management solutions that bridge the gap between public safety and technology.   

Whether you work for a small business, large corporation, or school, we want to hear from you. To learn more about Kokomo24/7® or to get a free 15-minute demo click the button below. 

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