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“[W]e handled one of the biggest events,” Matthew, a developer at Kokomo24/7, said of his time providing software support for the Oscars, “so in terms of any events now, we’re very well equipped”. On Sunday, March 27th, Matthew along with a group comprised of developers and support staff from Kokomo24/7 donned their finest clothes and made their way over to the Dolby Theatre for the 94th annual Academy Awards. As the designated health and safety software provider for the Oscars, the team had a tremendous undertaking: ensuring Hollywood’s biggest stars were compliant with the Academy’s COVID protocols. Thanks to the diligent work of everyone involved, everything was executed perfectly.

Ahead of the event, attendees submitted their vaccination status and testing results, and the day of, the team from Kokomo24/7 worked to resolve any lingering issues any of the guests had regarding their submissions. The on-site staff was able to verify the submission and clear the obstacle in a matter of a few short minutes. Once the guest’s submissions were updated, they were cleared to enter and enjoy the rest of the night.

Despite their very busy schedule, the team managed to enjoy themselves a little bit.

When asked if they had any fun, Matthew asked incredulously, “Fun experience?”.

“Yeah, that’s the hard part,” Paul, another developer from Kokomo24/7, joked back.

All of the staff present worked around the clock to make sure that, for all of the attendees, the event went on without a hitch; however, in the few free moments they had, they got the opportunity to strut down the red carpet themselves. Seeing all of the celebrities in person was another highlight for the staff at the awards.

Thanks to the varied and robust solutions included in OwlPass, the Academy was able to run the Oscars without any obstacles. Each of the products in the suite has a wide range of applications. From the red carpet to a small local gathering, Kokomo24/7 can help events of any size. The same solutions that were used by the Academy Awards can be used for your event. To find out how the OwlPass can help you, click the button below.

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