Kokomo24/7 Hits the Red Carpet

Kokomo24/7 Hits the Red Carpet

While the Oscars don’t kick off until March 27th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been hard at work for months behind the scenes to ensure that this year’s show, the first to feature attendees outside of the nominees since before the start of the pandemic, is a safe environment for its more than 3 thousand expected attendees. Knowing that this task would be a difficult one, the Academy searched diligently to find software they could trust to handle the job, and ultimately, they decided to utilize the Safety Cloud™ by Kokomo24/7® not only for the Oscars but for all of the events the Academy hosts leading up to the awards show. Since the decision Kokomo24/7® along with the team at Cosmos Health Solutions have been working around the clock to guarantee the show meets the high standards audiences everywhere have come to expect from the Oscars.

                Because they are using all of the solutions built into the Safety Cloud™, the Academy will be able to access all of the incredible features that come with each of the solutions. Through VaxTrax™, the administrators at the academy will be able to view the submissions of the attendees and accept or reject them based on their compliance with COVID protocol. Users will be given a green compliance badge that, through integration with the Oscar’s digital ticketing system, will allow them access to the show and indicate that they are in compliance with the COVID protocols of the show. Through the Certification module, they can screen attendees with custom surveys, asking them questions about travel and whether they’re experiencing symptoms related to COVID. Additionally, thanks to the Emergency Notification System solution the Academy is able to send out blast notifications to the attendees regarding changes in COVID protocol or other events that necessitate mass notifications.

                Hosting an event during a pandemic requires software that can grow and adapt at the same pace as COVID. Kokomo24/7® has been in lockstep with every new variant, every wave of cases, and all of the new mandates and protocols that come with them, rising to meet each unique challenge as they came. Being a fully scalable, cloud-based platform means the Safety Cloud™ has been able to quickly respond to LA county’s mandate change and each of the customizations and configurations the Academy has requested. The Safety Cloud™’s integration with laboratories permits the attendees to easily upload their test results into the system.

Kokomo24/7® brings the same diligence it uses working with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to the number of other events that use their software. From camps hosted by higher education institutions to multi-day conferences, the Safety Cloud's features have helped events of all kinds guarantee that their participants remain healthy and safe. Find out more about the software trusted by the Academy Awards by clicking the button below.

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