How Kokomo24/7® Can Help Keep Your Workplace Safe and Improve Workflow

At the heart of every flourishing organization is a successful HR department. Besides traditional workplace responsibilities such as hiring and making sure that all employees are treated fairly, new health and safety challenges have emerged in the wake of today’s complex society. Kokomo24/7® understands that workplace leaders have new responsibilities, and that employees are facing more adversity than ever before.  

Kokomo24/7®’s software tools were designed to help improve your workflow, saving you time and money while also making your workplace safer. Our software helps workplace leaders implement their health, safety, and wellbeing initiatives.  

Our highly customizable solutions such as our Incident Management tool, Anonymous Reporting System, and Visitor Management tool work to keep you safe and streamline your workflow in just a few of the following ways:  

Anonymous Reporting 

  • Provide employees, staff and workplace leaders with a private way to report concerning behavior such as unfair treatment or threats made by coworkers
  • Employees can privately report their own mental health status
  • Automatic escalation of vital reports to specific members with AI filtering 
  • Option to automatically integrate reports into our Incident Management system 


Incident Management 

  • Collect and track workplace employee incidents using the centralized dashboard such as employee misconduct, employee requests, and more
  • Better manage office or building issues that arise such as maintenance issues, remodeling or repair work
  • Assign follow-up activity with automated tasks 


Visitor Management  

  • Ensure all visitors are properly managed and tracked through screening tools, attendance tracking, and the option for digital badging
  • Track guest and volunteer whereabouts in real time  
  • Customize pre-screening questions and even screen through the national sex-offender registry  


Why Kokomo24/7®? 

Join the hundreds of workforce leaders using Kokomo24/7® solutions to help make their workplace safer and streamline workflow. From instant notifications to occupancy management, our tools can help you implement your health, safety, and wellbeing initiatives, and improve your workflow, all while meeting compliance requirements.  

Kokomo24/7® understands that every workplace has its own set of unique needs. We can provide your business with a robust yet easy-to-use software platform that simplifies the complicated work of managing your day-to-day tasks. Get the health and safety platform you need to better navigate complex and changing circumstances and equip your workers with the technology tools they need to succeed.  

Ever since Kokomo24/7® was founded in 2018, we have been a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo proudly serves workplaces, schools, and communities. Our mission is to deliver highly effective, easy-to-use, and trusted compliance and risk management solutions that bridge the gap between public safety and technology.    

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