Incident Management Explained: Who Uses Incident Management?

Who Uses Incident Management?

A 2022 survey of more than 52,000 employees by PwC revealed some shocking statistics about the frequency of personal workplace conflicts, the way that these incidents are managed, and what this does to workplace culture. According to the survey: 

  • 56 percent of respondents cite poor management of workplace issues as their top reason for quitting 
  • 46 percent of workers report experiencing harassment, prejudice, or discrimination in the workplace 
  • 19 percent of workers say they are “miserable” at their jobs  


These statistics illustrate two key trends:  

  1. Nearly half of the respondents have personally experienced a personal workplace incident 
  1. Many organizations do a poor job managing the incident, leading to unhappy employees  


Even though every organization will experience some type of incident whether it be personal or technological, a study from FRSecure found that only 45 percent of companies have an incident management plan in place and 65 percent of organizations don’t log their incidents at all or log them for less than 30 days.  

On top of the personal conflicts that employees may experience, work orders for maintenance issues such as broken equipment or the fixing of machinery only add to the load of cases filed within HR. 

Having an incident management system that can digitize data and workflows, seamlessly manage the predictable and unpredictable on one centralized dashboard where users can easily log, monitor, and respond to incidents impacting their organization, is essential for fostering a safer and happier work environment.  

According to a 2023 report from Business Standard, 70 percent of employees who work in a “toxic” work environment are disengaged from work, leading to decreased productivity and “quiet quitting.” Incident Management systems improve the culture of workplaces by empowering employers and employees with a way to better digitize, manage, and solve arising workplace issues.  


How Kokomo24/7® Can Help 

Kokomo24/7®’s Incident Management tool features one centralized dashboard to help you collect, track, manage, and respond to both the predictable and unpredictable. Our software maintains a database of employee incidents, allowing users to better connect data points in order to understand what is going on. When organizations better understand employee issues, it can lead to the prevention of problematic and violent incidents before they happen.   

Kokomo24/7®’s incident management software can also keep track of routine tasks such as maintenance work orders or facility walk-throughs and easily integrates with our anonymous reporting tool to streamline and consolidate your experience.   

Get the health and safety platform you need to better navigate complex and changing circumstances and equip your workers with the technology tools they need to better manage expected and unexpected workplace incidents.  

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