Incident Management Explained: What Is It?

What Is Incident Management?

At Kokomo24/7®, we understand that every organization deals with both expected and unexpected workplace incidents. From reports of workplace discrimination to routine maintenance requests, having a robust Incident Management software tool can lead to better tracking and management of these issues, leading to faster resolution.  

Despite the fact that every organization will experience some type of incident whether it be personal or technological, a study from FRSecure found that only 45 percent of companies have an incident management plan in place and 65 percent of organizations don’t log their incidents at all or log them for less than 30 days.  

According to the EEOC, there were more than 61,000 reported workplace discrimination charges in 2021, and that nearly 60 percent of employees have quit a job due to poor workplace politics. Incident Management software allows organizations to create digital cases and store them in a centralized database, resulting in easier tracking of reported issues, and easier solving of the problem, leading to better workplace productivity and culture.  

Kokomo24/7®’s Incident Management system seamlessly manages the predictable and unpredictable with one centralized dashboard where users can easily log, monitor, and respond to incidents impacting their organization. Users have control over the entire incident case process, from reporting and monitoring to responding, recovering, and ultimately, preventing.  


Why Kokomo24/7® 

Our highly configurable solutions, such as our Incident Management tool, work to keep your organization safe and streamline workflow in just a few of the following ways: 

  • Collect and track workplace employee incidents using the centralized dashboard such as employee misconduct, employee requests, and more 
  • Better manage office or building issues that arise such as maintenance issues, remodeling, or repair work 
  • Leverage data cohesiveness to streamline workflows within one software platform 
  • Assign follow-up activity with automated tasks 
  • Meet ever-changing compliance requirements 
  • Access a breakdown of cases by type, roles, location, etc. 


Ever since Kokomo24/7® was founded in 2018, we have been a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo24/7® proudly serves schools, communities, and workplaces. Our mission is to deliver highly effective, easy-to-use and trusted compliance and risk management solutions that bridge the gap between student safety and technology.  

Our Incident Management tool works to increase workplace safety through its configurable, centralized dashboard which can be used to view case details, track incident progress, manage task workflows, gain greater situational awareness, and increase understanding with powerful analytics. Through this robust case manager, the people safety of your workplace will also be improved by enabling your workplace leaders to better manage expected and unexpected incidents.  

Whether you work for a small startup, a Fortune 500, or any institution in between, we want to hear from you! To learn more about Kokomo24/7® or to get a free 15-minute demo click the button below. 


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