17 Ways Kokomo24/7® Can Help Manage Your Higher Education Challenges

Being a higher education leader is a very important, but very difficult and tiring job. A Gallup poll released in 2022 found that educators reported the highest level of burnout of any industry, and 35% of college professors reported feeling burned out at work.  

In addition, the mental health of college students has reached a critical low point with 73 percent of college students experiencing at least one mental health crisis during their college experience. A study of more than 2,000 college students by Inside Higher Ed and Pulse measured what factors are playing into their worries and found a variety of stressors including rising instances of violence, a lack of security on campus, and a lack of trust in Title IX procedures.  

At Kokomo24/7®, we know that every school faces its own unique set of challenges and that managing a college campus and an entire student body doesn't come without its complex challenges. That is why we have been helping schools implement their health, safety, and wellness initiatives since 2018 with our robust, yet easy-to-use software platform.  

No matter the challenges a college may face, we can provide administrators, students, and even parents with a wide range of technological tools to help them better manage and simplify the complexities of their work, saving time and money, all while meeting compliance requirements.  

Here are 17 ways that Kokomo24/7® can help your school implement its health, safety, and wellbeing initiatives, streamline workflow, and keep your campus safer.  


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Why Kokomo24/7®? 

Ever since Kokomo24/7® was founded in 2018, we have been a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo proudly serves schools, communities, and workplaces. Our mission is to deliver highly effective, easy-to-use, and trusted compliance and risk management solutions that bridge the gap between public safety and technology.  

Whether you work for a small liberal arts college, a flagship public university, or any institution in between, we want to hear from you. Get the health and safety platform you need to navigate complex and changing circumstances: the same software toolkit used by educational institutions like the second-largest K-12 school district in the country. 

To learn more about Kokomo24/7® or to get a free 15-minute demo click the button below.  


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