3 Ways Kokomo24/7® Helps HR Keep Their Workforce Safe

At the heart of every flourishing organization is a successful HR department. Besides traditional workplace responsibilities such as hiring and making sure that all employees are treated fairly, new health and safety challenges have emerged in the wake of today’s complex society. Kokomo24/7® understands that workplace leaders have new responsibilities, and that employees are facing more adversity than ever before.   

Kokomo24/7®’s software tools were designed to help improve your workflow, saving you time and money while also making your workplace safer. Our software helps workplace leaders implement their health, safety, and wellbeing initiatives in just a few of the following ways:   

Anonymous Reporting and Incident Management 

Conflict is part of human nature, thus a part of every organization. When incidents do occur, it’s often up to HR to appropriately respond.  

Kokomo ESCALATE™ is an anonymous reporting tip line that empowers employees with an instant and discreet way to report concerning behavior. Additionally, Kokomo CASES™ allows HR departments to track both anonymous reports and other incidents in a customizable dashboard. The dashboard helps HR professionals recognize harmful patterns of behavior, leading to faster, more appropriate responses.  

Organizations choose Kokomo’s anonymous reporting and incident management tools because of the following capabilities: 

Anonymous Reporting  

  • Provide employees and workplace leaders with a private way to report concerning behavior 
  • Option to automatically integrate reports into our Incident Management system  


Incident Management  
  • Collect and track workplace employee incidents using the centralized dashboard 
  • Better manage office or building issues that arise such as maintenance issues or remodeling  
  • Assign follow-up activity with automated tasks 


Mass Notifications 

Fast and effective notifications save lives during emergencies. Kokomo NOTIFY™ allows HR teams to send instant personalized email, text, and voice messages before, during, or after an emergency. Our capabilities include:  

  • Deploy one-click notifications to all or specific users 
  • Optional emergency alert button to trigger two-way communication  
  • Quickly find out who is safe and who needs attention during an event with the "A-OK" feature  
  • Save time by using pre-configured alerts to send out during emergencies 


Custom Forms and Surveys 

HR teams can enhance employee engagement, measure burnout, evaluate mental health, or gauge opinions with Kokomo FORMS™. HR teams can even use FORMS ™ to streamline the process of onboarding and offboarding employees.  

Kokomo FORMS™ enables HR professionals to send customized surveys to staff. The survey answers live on a centralized dashboard, allowing HR to get a fuller picture of their workforce’s collective mental health status. Organizations choose Kokomo FORMS™ in particular because it allows them to: 

  • Customize questions on any topic for guests and employees 
  • Alert admins for failed or alarming responses 
  • Analyze answers and gain insight via live analytics on the dashboard 


Why Kokomo24/7®? 

Some software companies move slowly or offer solutions that aren't cost-effective. At Kokomo, we pride ourselves on being nimble, because we know that health and safety can't delay. Organizations that work with us have used our products to help prevent workplace violence. 

Kokomo24/7® is a leader in compliance and risk management solutions for all things health and safety. Kokomo has a significant track record across Fortune 1000 companies, public-sector clients, and schools including Chicago Public Schools and BMW. Ask us about the time we helped host the Oscars! 

Still want to learn more? Download our presentation from Chicago SHRM’s first-ever “Demo Day” event for a look at how our platform works!