Fauci Suggests Future Boosters Could Be Yearly Occurrence

With Covid-19 infections steadily declining, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci seemed cautiously optimistic when talking about the future of the pandemic. "The pandemic will likely essentially become more of an endemic solution," Fauci expressed regarding the path Covid could take if we continue to take protections against the virus. Both Fauci and President Biden recently suggested the coming Covid boosters will likely need to be administered yearly in the same manner as a flu shot.


The new Covid-19 vaccine boosters are the first of the doses to be made to target the current predominant variants, and health experts expect future boosters to do the same. The Biden administration's recent push with the rollout of the new doses is meant to stave off potential fall or winter Covid surges. Fauci, among other experts, warned of the potential of a fall surge as early as late spring; however, Covid numbers are currently gradually declining. The lack of significant spike over the late summer and early fall is suggested to possibly be due to most tests being administered at home. While the convenience of at-home tests outweighs the downsides, their proliferation means the number of recorded Covid cases is likely significantly underreported.


Still, the threat of a new, more significant variant looms large in the minds of health experts across the globe. Fauci warned of such an outcome, saying, "If a wild card variant comes in, all bets are off." If a new variant were to emerge, it could be difficult to curb as most Americans are returning to normal and fewer and fewer people are donning masks in public. Politicians and health experts alike are urging Congress to continue funding for updated vaccines and preventative measures to ensure the infrastructure is in place to handle future spikes. Dr. Fauci insists that the best path forward is to continue to increase the number of Americans that are vaccinated and boosted, saying Covid, "will be at a low enough level as to not be a great perturbing of our social order, which I believe it can be and I hope it will be."


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